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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you ship my order?

Your order will be shipped using USPS shipping services. I secure all of my packages with bubble wrap, tissue paper, and sturdy gift boxes. I try to use as little packaging material as possible to reduce waste. Your package(s) are prepared, by hand, to be as protected as possible to withstand the travel to your door. Accidents can occur during the shipping process, please contact me if this is the case within 5 days of delivery.  

Upon post office drop off I will notify you with a message including your tracking number. Priority Mail Domestic Shipping takes about 1-3 business days to reach you through delivery.

How do I take care of my item?

I use polymer clay and mixed media including, paints, powders, and sealer on all of my items. The clay that I used is strong, but can still break under too much stress, extreme use and/or dropping.   

-All book accessories such as Book Blades and Shielded Bookmarks are not intended for such handling. They are meant to be an artistic book display piece and bookmark if handled carefully. They bend for safety, but will break from the hilt and/or blade portion if stressed too far. Please avoid placing in bags, and purses.   

- All Armory Jewelry comes with secure jump rings and cords. Check before each wearing for security.   

- All items should not get wet. If it does happen, carefully dab with a dry cloth. Wetness can cause clay to be brittle.

Your Book Blades Bookmarks appear sharp. Are they actually knives or weapons?

No. My Book Blade bookmarks appear to be sharp and pointy, but they are not. They are non-metal, and are flexible.  I pride myself with the amount of time I spend adding details for each piece to have a realistic design. They are meant to be enjoyed as a book accessory or small display piece. I personally hand make every piece by hand myself with love and positive energy.

Do you offer items for wholesale and/or drop shipping?

I appreciate inquiries about wholesaling and drop shipping of my products, but I am not interested. I design, hand make, and package all of my items solo in my shop. Each one that I create is special for me, my customers, and admirers. I can offer a discount based off of your request. Please contact me for more questions.

Resale and Copyrights

Kindred Whispers LLC own Copyrights on all items, images, and text that are shown in my shop/listings. Purchases made in my shop are intended to be enjoyed not resold. If this is violated, actions will be taken to protect my brand and shop. I take my art and brand seriously.

Do you ship internationally?

Kindred Whispers LLC currently ships only in the U.S. However, preparations are being made in hopes to provide international services soon