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Derwin murphy

Creator. Owner. Artist



Growing up, I was raised in a family of artists, who indulged in tabletop gaming, anime, video games, comics, and anthropology. At an early age, I recognized my love for creating art in a way of expressing myself. Eventually, I learned to find creative ways to translate my youthful imagination into fruition. Over time I began experimenting with different media to help me visualize different facets of my interests. I taught myself drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, and photography as it helped me refine the artist I am today. 

After the passing of my father in 2015, I threw myself into my art to battle deep depression, which soon led to the creation of my original Armory series. I began designing many pieces, and once I built up enough materials, I decided to open Kindred Whispers in 2016. I came up with the unique name 'Kindred Whispers' when I was considering a title to a poem I wrote years prior. To me, Kindred Whispers mean related secrets or related stories. The secret, or story, bridging themes that inspire my work. 

My professional life before pursuing my artistic journey was a path of helping others. From 2009-2010 I was accepted into a community apprenticeship program where I developed skills and insights to help my local community. Through that, I began working at a youth outreach agency that aided homeless youth from the ages of 17 to 24, and adults from 25+. With that experience, I joined a small group that works with HIV prevention and the health of young LGBTQ adults. Two years later I landed a job working with children from pre-school and high school age with disabilities. Later, I moved on to spend a year being an activities assistant to senior citizens whom I learned a lot and grew from as well. 

Of all of my achievements and experiences in my life so far I always thought that I have impacted my community in some way. Saving the world was not the goal, but I felt that in some way I was able to bring help and joy to those who needed it most within my reach. In many ways, I became a better person after seeing the best in others. Being an artist is a gift, though being a good person is the prize. No matter where I go from here either being a solo handmade artist to an advocate, I always think that I can find ways to show the small piece of the world I live in what I am capable of. 

Thank you for visiting my short bio, and accompanying me on my quest. My journey is just beginning, and as J.R.R Tolkien once wrote: "Not all those who wander are lost.".


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