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Artist & Craftsman

Handmade Portable Art

Derwin Murphy 

Creator. Owner. Artist


Welcome Traveler

...You arrive at a short distance from the building when you notice a wood-carved sign that reads 'Kindred Whispers' with a golden key artfully decorating the center. As you approach the door you quickly jump back as the door opens with a loud groan piercing the silence that surrounds you...

Somehow you knew the moment you step your boot through the doorway your adventure begins...

About Kindred Whispers

Equipment Made for Adverntures

Polymer clay sword bookmarks on a wooden table with collectible books.

It is Kindred Whispers' way to bring eclectic styles to the realm of portable art. My work is handmade with anthropology, sci-fi, fantasy gaming, and pure imagination in mind. At Kindred Whispers, I pride myself on creating unique pieces that my customers and admirers can enjoy.

My Armory

Polymer clay Triple Staff, Hammer, Halbert, and Armor Icons.

My love for all things nerdy is what inspires every piece that is created in my studio. Unique art forged & enchanted from polymer clay and mixed media. Many of my pieces are made to order!

My Creativity

Work in progress polymer clay weapon rings.

My imagination comes to life through my art. From jewelry to book accessories and more! I design new  pieces that speaks to my audience. Providing new ways to display my skills as I grow.

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